New Tax incentives for Commercial Solar Installations!

Commercial solar power installations are more financially beneficial than ever before thanks to new corporate tax incentives. Learn how installing a solar power system for your business can save you money here


Commercial Solar Installations

The U.S. commercial solar market is growing bigger and stronger each year. Never before has solar power been so readily available to American businesses. The government is more aware that solar energy could really benefit businesses and is offering more incentives to move in this direction.

  • The payback period is in most cases less than ten years, and if grants are applied, payback could be HALVED!

  • The Federal government will return 30% of the overall cost of the system in the form of tax credits (including any strengthening required for your roof). Commercial businesses can also depreciate 85% of the cost of the system over six years against tax liabilities.

  • Rural businesses and farms are eligible for grants with a 25% rebate available towards the whole cost of the system. Financing is also available. Star Solar Specialists can help with the application process every step of the way.

In the future, if you decide to move, the solar energy system can be taken down and moved with you. We can provide a quote for taking it down and re-installing it on your new premises.


Make money even while you are not at work

The solar energy system will continue to work for you, even after business hours. As long as there is daylight, it will produce electricity which could possibly provide an overage of energy that can be sold back to the utility company! In Indiana, if your system produces more electricity than you use, the utility provider will buy it back at the same rate that you purchase it from them!



Jeffersonville, Indiana

This is a 9.9 kW system comprising 30 solar panels each rated at 330 watts which are fixed to the metal profile roof via a Unirac frame system. These are connected to an SMA US9000 inverter to produce over 13,000 kW hours per year

Commercial Solar Installation
Commercial Solar Installation

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